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Please join our blog on “Leading a Business in Anxious Times.”

Our book describes the impact of anxiety on the workplace and how the capacity to think clearly in the presence of anxious colleagues, staff, and customers in the hallmark of an emotionally mature leader. Learning to recognize the signs of anxiety at both the individual and organizational level is the starting point for leading in anxious times. Our ideas about emotional systems and emotionally mature functioning in the workplace have helped us, our clients, and employees achieve a greater level of satisfaction at work and have had a profound impact on the culture of organizations that consistently pay attention to this dimension of leading.

We hope to have discussions on this blog with you, our readers. Please tell us how our ideas resonate with you and how you use the book in your workplace to promote more mature leadership. We are also interested in your thoughts about a definition of leadership that is based less on individual traits, personality, and temperament, and more on the mutual interdependence of the workplace relationship system.

We look forward to hearing from you —
Leslie and Katharine


2 Thoughts on “Please join our blog on “Leading a Business in Anxious Times.”

  1. Hal Walsh on October 30, 2009 at 9:00 am said:

    This book has come out at a great time. Leading through these tough times has been very challenging and your book brings a new perspective to leading that is sure to make a positive impact on leading people in our organization.

  2. Thanks Leslie and Katherine for your effort. It is “down to earth” and most usable by leaders who are familiar and not so familiar with Bowen theory. It is a real contribution to the field.

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