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About Leading a Business in Anxious Times

Leading a Business in Anxious Times introduces systems-based leadership is an approach that is grounded in a well-tested theory of human behavior used by family therapists for over fifty years. The authors show that the patterns of automatic behavior governing family relationships also affect business relationships, or the “emotional system” of the workplace, and can have a profound impact on every business’s success. Every business whether manufacturing, service, government, or other, all have people as their driving force and as a result share the common challenge of “people issues.” We see people issues as the emotional responses in a relationship system that significantly impact business success—fear, conflict, loss, demoralization—all require leadership that calms the organization and inspires collaboration, creative problem solving, and innovation. The emotional system in each workplace has its own pattern of responding to stress, which has evolved over time. Becoming a more emotionally aware leader provides you with a new lens for viewing workplace performance. Leading a Business in Anxious Times will help you to see how organizational anxiety, which often goes undetected like the undertow of an ocean current, can lead to underperformance at the individual, group, departmental, and corporate level.

The book and blog Leading a Business in Anxious Times will provide you with the tools you need to make yourself a stronger, more effective leader. It will be difficult for you to go back to your old ways of leading.


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