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Organizational Consulting

The transformative change facing most businesses today requires a critical mass of individuals in the organization who are emotionally and technically capable of leading in times that require a high level of cooperation, honest communication, and calm, thoughtful decision-making. SYSTEMS-BASED LEADERSHIP® consulting helps create that critical mass.

Today’s organizations operate in an unpredictable economy, must adopt and master technology that is advancing at a rate never before experienced, are required to meet new and stricter regulations, and in many industries struggle to cope with workforce shortages for highly skilled positions. Change is unrelenting and individuals at all levels are experiencing the stress of multiple priorities, limited resources and a changing competitive landscape. The resilience needed to survive and thrive in such a harsh environment comes from an organization’s emotional system, from the capacity of its leaders and staff to be thoughtful, adaptable and creative.

When reactivity around important business decisions or critical changes compromise the organization’s ability to execute its plans, our Systems-Based Leadership consultants will:

• Provide an objective lens to gain a new perspective on the reactions of individuals and groups within the organization.

• Facilitate development of action plans that incorporate a greater understanding and commitment to addressing the human side of change.

• Think alongside the organization’s executives and change leaders as they determine how to leverage the strengths of the organization to meet their challenges.

• Provide education on Systems-Based Leadership to groups such as executive leadership teams, or members of departments and project teams to enhance the emotional awareness and functioning of individuals throughout the leadership and management structure.

Our organizational consulting services focus on the human issues that complicate and sometimes sabotage change. We help leaders gain a more objective understanding of their organization’s emotional state and a clear view of the challenges they face in leading transformational change. We guide our clients through a process that puts them on a path to developing a culture of leadership. In our organizational assessments, collaborative action planning and leadership development we go beyond the knowledge and skills that are technical, beyond standard project management practices, and deal directly with the adaptive challenges that create obstacles to change and threaten the organization’s success.


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