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Leadership Keynotes

Our keynote speakers offer a unique perspective on leadership in business and organizational life—rather than focusing on leadership style, characteristics or traits of individuals, they reveal how leaders can read the emotional system even more clearly than an organization chart, decrease reactivity at all levels, and inspire thoughtful, focused, more creative thinking.

Busy leaders attend conferences and retreats not only to keep up with the latest information in their fields but also to recharge their batteries and gain a clearer perspective on the challenges facing their organizations. They often go to conferences because they need some time and distance to gain objectivity about their organizations. Keynote presentations that motivate and inspire, speak to both the intellectual and emotional side of today’s business challenges—and they offer ample opportunity for self-reflection and new insights.

The stresses of the modern business world can ratchet up anxiety in any size or type of organization. Presentations on SYSTEMS-BASED LEADERSHIP® strike a chord with attendees because they address straight on how anxiety compromises quality and productivity, and undermines business outcomes. The speakers connect with the audience through the true stories of successful leaders who are objective about the emotional functioning of their organization and the role they sometimes play in amplifying anxiety. Systems-Based Leadership is not for the squeamish. It takes serious leaders who are motivated to examine their old ways of thinking about leadership and take steps to become more mature leaders.

Some of the topics we offer include:

1. Systems-Based Leadership: A Way of Leading in Anxious Times
2. Grow Leaders and Create a Culture of Leadership
3. An Emotional Systems View of Leadership and Organizations
4. Leaders Manage Anxiety—Their Own!
5. What Do I Have to Do Today to Be a Responsible Leader?
6. Triangles: The Emotional Landmines in Every Organization
7. Leading from the Middle of an Emotional System
8. From the Family to the Workplace: Relationship Patterns Follow Us Everywhere
9. Stop Fixing, Start Inspiring: Systems-Based Leadership Consulting and Coaching
10. Using Systems-Based Leadership to Create More Resilient Organizations

Keynote speakers will customize presentations to your group’s interests.


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