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Executive Coaching

“Politics in the workplace” is often the shorthand phrase for anxious behaviors that are compromising the success of an organization. “How do I deal with politics in the workplace” is perhaps the most perplexing question any leader faces. Understanding the interplay between the emotional system of your organization and its business performance takes careful observation and serious reflection. It is essential to debrief with a neutral, non-anxious guide, who can ask the questions that you need to answer for yourself and your organization.

Our executive coaches are trained in SYSTEMS-BASED LEADERSHIP® and will provide you with a neutral listening ear. They will make recommendations for improvements in your leadership behaviors, and give you objective feedback about the way you handle yourself in business relationships, the kind of feedback that is often hard to receive from coworkers and subordinates. An executive coach will help you think through your decision-making process, time-management skills, supervisory relationships and personal career goals in confidential meetings that take place in person or on the telephone.

Experts in family systems theory and its applications to the workplace, our executive coaches will encourage you to learn about your family’s patterns of anxiety, interpersonal strengths and weaknesses, sensitivities, and emotional resources. They will help you understand how we learn these patterns on an intuitive level in childhood, and then carry them into adulthood where they affect our workplace relationships.

Executive coaching services can be provided in person or by telephone.


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