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Educational Programs and Retreats

SYSTEMS-BASED LEADERSHIP® is an innovative approach to leading or consulting to organizations. It is counter-intuitive and changes fundamentally how one views human behavior in families, small groups or organizations. Grounded in a theory of human behavior widely used by family therapists, it offers leaders in business organizations a new way to understand and lead in the workplace.

Customized continuing education programs teach the theory and application of Systems-Based Leadership so that all executives, managers, and teams in your organization are all on the same page, providing a new way of thinking and a common language around organizational emotional process that greatly facilitates communicating about the human side of business challenges.

Educational programs vary from half day introductory sessions on Systems-Based Leadership as a new way of leading, to two-day seminars with more in depth discussion and exercises, to six month programs with intermittent one-on-one coaching sessions for select individuals or all participants. Individuals who learn to use Systems-Based Leadership as the theory that informs their thinking in the workplace will gain a deeper understanding of their own behavior and that of the larger systems in which they live and work.

Our leadership consultants will help you design a program to fit your objectives.


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